trasmission-based precautions

  1. im having difficulties with this topic, it seems easy but when i took my exam i got confused. btw, i failed.
    i hope somebody could help me with this.
    if its airborne, should i just pick a:mask (only)? what if theres an option that has b:mask, gloves and gown? which one should i choose?
    same with droplets. should i just pick mask (only)? or mask, gloves and gown?

    cuz ive read somewhere that droplet is also contact bec its gonna drop within 3 feet.. right?

    so im just confused...

    and do you know if theres a practice questions for this topic?? i cant take the exam without knowing this topic.. waaah! and also prioritization... those two are my problems... i cant find some practice question for those two..
    please help....
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  3. by   alvus47
    Infection control I would recommend Saunders 4th edition. For priority try prioritization, delegation & assignment by Linda A. Lachaity, kumagai, and Bartz (you can buy this at Barnes & Nobles). Also, Saunders Cd and Kaplan too.
    Good Luck. You can do this.
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    Thanks NCLEXEATER!