Took Nclex..and awaiting results

  1. Hello all,
    I'm new to this site and to the forum.
    I just took my Nclex last friday and took 105 questions. As soon as I answered and continued on after 75 questions I immediately began to panic.........
    Seems that most people I speak to, as well as most postings on here state that they took the minimum of 75 and as you can imagine, I'm terrified that because I went up to 105 questions that I must have failed!
    So my question is this, if the majority of passing scores are at 75 questions, is there a majortiy of failed scores in relation to the number of questions???

    Please if anyone has any insight it would be most apperciated!

    Oh and to make matters worse, there was a mix up with my transcripts and they have to be re-sent by my SON, so I have a minimum of 2 weeks to sit and wonder whether I passed or not!!!:angryfire

    -Terrified in California
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  3. by   frances1986
    I took the nclex and ran out of time. I went to 247 questions, do any body know what happens in this situation.