Tired and brain is fried

  1. Nclex on Saturday but I'm so tired doing nclex question and answer. Right now I am doing lab values and infection control plus the study guide that I got not endorsed by AN. I don't know what else should I do. I keep telling myself to stay calm and wil pass the nclex this second time around. Tomorrow will be my last study mode and Friday is my day off before my big day. Anyway, God bless and good luck to those people who will be taking there's this month. I keep everyone in my prayers everyday
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  3. by   vumblevee
    Will include you in my prayers. Rest already
  4. by   Rac17
    Don't stress yourself too much..I will pray for you..goodluck and godbless
  5. by   begosh
    You got this! Remember, when you start getting anxious....take a few deep breaths and/or take a break.

    Good luck!!!!
  6. by   jayz1989
    Thanks guys. I'm really burnt out. Can't focus and absorb info any more. I just want to get this over with and move on.
  7. by   shar pei
    Sending prayers your way Jayz. You got this! You have studied hard and used some good study materials. You will do just fine
  8. by   bayou
    Good luck, you will make it.