This happened fast (Georgia RN)

  1. I took the NCLEX Friday, finished at noon, then started the "Pearson-Vue trick" to see if I passed. Kept checking Saturday and on Sunday Pearson-Vue offered access to my un-offical results. After doing the Pearson-Vue trick one last time, I paid $7.95 and found out I had passed.

    Then at 6PM Monday, the Georgia Board of Nursing sent me an email stating my license had been issued.

    I went from sweating the NCLEX and wondering what I would do if I found out I didn't pass, to being an RN in about 72 hours.

    If I had any money I would go out and celebrate.
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  3. by   LPn2RN2014
    LOL!!! Congratulations!!!
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    Any NCLEX studying advice?
  7. by   keepmovingrn
    Agh! I'm over here going crazy. I tested last Friday, found out I passed Sunday but I still don't have my license #. I called and they told me I needed to submit my DL, which I had already did before I took the test. Refaxed my DL and still waiting on my license # a week later.

    Annoyed in GA:-(
  8. by   Njrn2009
    Congrats. By the way - it took you way more than 72 hours to become an RN!