The Ultimate Strategy Guide in answering NCLEX questions

  1. Hi there NCLEX takers,

    I just wanted to share with you strategies that you might highly consider when you take that mighty NCLEX exam. It helped me passed the test in one take. I have shared it with my closest friends and it works like a charm to anyone who will be using it. Trust me! It works! Keep these strategies in mind when you answer each question. Good luck!

    The Ultimate Strategy Guide in answering NCLEX questions :
    * Assessment or Implementation
    * Implement - Do I have enough information?
    * Assessment - Do I need more information?
    * Fast vs Slow
    * Watch out for any CHANGE in CONDITION!
    * Stable or Unstable
    * Now or Later
    * Fast or Slow
    * Expected vs Unexpected
    * Expected vs Medical Emergency
    * Acute vs Chronic
    * Actual vs Potential
    * Local vs Systemic
    * 1 thing to do before going home, which has the greatest impact?
    * Rank order
    * Now or later
    * Go for the patient that has actually something
    * Where is the patient?
    * What's convenient for the patient, not you!
    * Patient first before equipment
    * Watch out for Problems given Solutions already!
    * Always look at the patient FIRST!
    * Elderly Patient - perfect or not?
    * Always look at the patient. Don't trust the machine
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Sounds like some good pointers. Thanks for sharing.