that was HORRIBLE.

  1. I just took my NCLEX and it shut off at 75 questions and I feel like I failed. There were a ton of select all that apply questions and drug questions. I feel horrible. And it's too soon to do the pearsonvue trick and all I can do is sit here and be depressed.
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  3. by   natalio
    Sounds like you did a great job in answering the questions to the best of your ability. You come this far, congrats!!!
  4. by   stephc1973
    Sounds like you passed.

    It is not to soon to do the trick though. I tested, came straight home, and then did the trick. Try it.
  5. by   raianne
    Thanks guys! And guess what?? I did the pearsonvue trick and it gave me the good pop up!! I had to wait for my test status to say "Delivery Successful" before I did it...I live 5 minutes from the testing center so it wasn't ready when I got home.

    Honestly, I thought that I failed. I have never felt like that after any test in my life. Whew. I won't REALLY celebrate until I have the official results, but that little pop up saying I passed makes me feel a lot better. Good luck to everyone who still has to take it, you can do it!!