Testing on July 31

  1. I am getting so nervous. I have only two weeks left to study. I have been trying to study between working but it has been hard. I am just hoping if I do questions from here on out it will help me pass. Any suggestions would be helpful! Just needs lots of prayer. I have taken it several times and I need to pass this time.
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  3. by   badtz_maru
    You can do it! Just breathe and believe!

    What resources are you using?
  4. by   blynn9173
    I am using Saunders, NSCBN (learning Extension), Lacharity, NCLEX 4000. I am going to try to practice, practice, questions. That is all I know to do at this point in the game. What do you think?
  5. by   Scarlettz
    Hey! Good luck to you. Are you reading the rationales in full? Check out my post: My NCLEX Success Story!
  6. by   blynn9173
    I am trying to read the rationales and understand them.