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  1. i have practice questions from bout 5 cd's and i make at least a 60 or more on each portion, does that seem low to anyone. i take pn boards in 3 wks on the 2, does anyone think i should push it back and take more test or what?
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  3. by   pers
    There are a number of threads that discuss scores and it varies wildly even among those who passed their first attempt. Check the books that came with your CDs as most will indicate what percentage you should be getting to determine readiness to test. I think Kaplan says you are good with anything in the 60+ range while Saunders expects something a little higher. I believe my Exam Cram book suggested 75% or more on their content was good enough to take the NCLEX.

    Many seem to feel that more important than numbers are making sure you understand not only why the right answer is correct but also why the wrong answers are incorrect.

    Good luck!