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Suzanne's study guide really works. My exam cut off at 75 questions. The only book I used was Saunders Comprehensive Review. I spent about 3 months reading the book, and 2 months on the questions.... Read More

  1. by   whirlwind
    congratulations to all new rns!!!:caduceus:
  2. by   rn_888
    congrats to all....hope to be one of u after i sit on april 5....
  3. by   nursy_me
    Quote from suzanne4
    great job!!!!!

    thanks for letting me know.
    hi suzanne!! :spin: i've read a lot about your study guide..& i am reely looking forward on asking you.. i wonder what's the 2nd part of your study guide?
    i've already seen your first part,& that is to read the saunder's book. i already had my saunder's 3rd edition& i'm still confuse if i'm going to take the online review between ncsbn's learningext. which costs $49 for 3wks.&saunder's online review $49.95 for 4wks.i'm going to take my exam on april20&i am still in a dilemma.. i don't wanna lose hope since i still have 6more prepare.if i don't have a chance to ask you,then,i guess,i myt take saunders has 2,000 quest while ncsbn has 1,200 only& is much xpensive. :uhoh21:

    i'm lo0king forward for your reply..especially on which one that i should focus on..&your suggestions on my options to take online review. &btw,thank you so0o0 much for your time&effort in helping all those nurses here! :spin:
  4. by   nursy_me
    Quote from rn_888
    congrats to all....hope to be one of u after i sit on april 5....
    hi rn_888! :spin: can i ask you a favor?i'm going to take my exam on april 20..(hongkong) i would like to hear from you after your exam.. if it's going to be a much different test plan since they will going to implement tne new test plan on april.wat review center or online review did you take?where are you going to take your exam hongkong or saipan?

    thank you& Go0dluck!!!
  5. by   nursy_me
    Quote from bigcon
    Just want to let yall know that Suzanne's study guide really''' works
    I just found out that

    I PASSED''''''''''''''''
    Suzanne' thank you '''
    Hi bigcon! :spin: congratulations!!!! i would just like to ask you what is suzanne's study guide?i've already read the first part (she recommends the saunders book!) but until now..i reely dunno what's the 2nd part would be? :uhoh21:

    hope you can help me... btw, do you still go for online review course?i'm thinking about taking ncsbn's learning ext.or saunders online..but i'm still confused!&i'm going to take my exam on april20! what review materials would you recommend that is closest to the nclex quest.?

    thanks!!! congratulations!!!!