stop at 115 and passed

  1. Its finally over. I took the NCLEX-PN last week Thursday. The computer shut of at 115. The next 2 days felt like I was waiting for a pregnancy test. My advice to everyone: PRAY, study using the Lippincott and Saunders comprehensive review, and use the earplug that is provided by Pearson Vue. Study everything!!! On my exam I got 4 drug calculation, alot of select all that apply, delegation and prioritizations were big ones. Thank you everyone for all of your support and care.
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    whew!!! congrats!!!
  4. by   nurdarby
    CONGRATS MS. RN:hatparty::smiley_aa
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    Congratulations! I was waiting for ur post. I am so happy for u. I can't wait to have the same post in a few months.
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    Congratulations!!! What a relief!!!

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    congrats llovely89 & goodluck to you nadu!!!