So..does this mean that half of them had to be right?

  1. :uhoh21: Ok, I took the Nclex on Friday @ 12:30 and yes the waiting is gettting to me..I have been going over questions and writing them down as I remember them and so far I have come up with maybe 13 or so that I know I had right. My computer cut off at 85 questions. Ok, now I know for a fact by reading the Pearson Vue Nclex facts that 25 of those 85 questions that I took was all experimental and didn't count. That leaves 60 questions that I had to deal with. Now, do I have to get over half of those 60 questions right to be considered passed..or do some of the questions count more than others..say for instance, I got maybe 35 right..does that automatically mean I passed? orrrr if I got 20 out of 60 right, does that mean that some of them could have counted for more and I could have still passed...Ok...yes I know that I am acting a little psycho and obsessive over this but you understand...:uhoh21:
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    I want you to look at the list of threads on this board. Go to the second to last sticky entitled "waiting on nclex results? read here first!".

    Do this. Get your answers. Breathe
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