Retaking NCLEX a third time!

  1. I took my NCLEX today, did the trick and credit card was declined! I'm more than sure I failed. Now I have a question! What do you all think of UWORLD, Remar, Hurst & Kaplan? I need to pass third time around but not sure where to begin. Thank you all!😀
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  3. by   calidreamin
    I used UWORLD and a little of Lachairty. I passed on my first try with 75 questions. Good Luck if you are required to take it again!
  4. by   Adah30
    I used Uworld & NCSBN learning extension online review,nclex mastery and a little bit hurst review.I passed Nclex Pn w/ 85 question.
  5. by   Hustonc
    I did Kaplan to practice test questions and remediate, in addition to hurst review for content. Great combination! (Passed in 75 questions). Hang in there, I'm proud of your perseverance. You can do this!