Results on Hold

  1. Hii all, I took my nclex saturday 10/6 at 8 am my screen cut of at 75 and then i had to answer some sample or research question which was not related to my nclex score I was nervous and answered my sample ques very nervously. over all I was done by 9:45 came home and did PVT my results are on hold should I be worried this waiting period is killing me.
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  3. by   Aley123
    Hope everything went good. what is your status now?
  4. by   aizar
    still the same want to know if anyone experienced the samething.
  5. by   aizar
    just want to update I PASSED..
  6. by   Kallie3006
  7. by   twnurse1
    What kind of NCLEX review did u do? I'm graduating in December, presently looking for review programs.
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  8. by   Dkernizan
    How do you check ? Please I took mine u know the trick ?
  9. by   aizar
    I did 90% Uworld and 10% hurst review.
  10. by   aizar
  11. by   aizar
    google pearson vue trick.