Report these to the physician ASAP!!

  1. What are the things that should be reported to the physician right away?
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  3. by   Tweety
    That's a loaded question that can have literally hundreds or more answers.

    Basically we should communicate any change in patient condition, abnormal test restults, etc. to the MD that we observe.
  4. by   christvs
    Things like: chest pain, any new pain, SOB, changes in VS like very low or very high HR or BP, fever, a patient who is suddenly not able to pee at all for no reason, an abdomen that suddenly feels firm and distended, if a patient is having a reaction to a medication, etc...Hope that helps. Anything that is abnormal and unusual for the patient and/or is life-threatening. When in doubt, it's better to call the physician than not. That's my motto anyways.