ReMar Review

  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if anyone has any recent reviews on ReMar Review? I just signed up for their online academy and would love to hear from anyone that has taken it.

    Also, does anyone have a pdf/electronic version of the quick facts book? It is mailed separately from the online academy. I cannot move onto module 5 without having read some of it. The book is on Quizlet but confusing as it is in a flashcard set up.

    Many thanks,
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  3. by   futurenaijaRN
    Oh shoot! I won't recommend ReMar review to anyone, but good luck and I hope it helps you.
  4. by   hopefulRN'17
    How come? What about it would you not recommend to people?

  5. by   Flnolegirl
    My classmate did the Remar review and passed in 75 questions. Please share as to why you would not recommend it
  6. by   vanni1
    Yes please why not?