Ready to take or not???????????

  1. hay...........every one i am going to take my test on 27 this month.i am on my kaplan Qbank,i did my stratergy test in kap book and cd ,gave me 70 nd 73%but on my q bank tests i am on 50's and 65,70's ........i am so stressed now ,i feel that i am not remembering thing as i did last week or before.

    can enybody give me some encouragement??????????

    or advice???????????

    is this kap book and cd good ??????????
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Relax the day before your test. Don't dwell on your diagnostic test results. You should basically be ready by now. If you feel you are not ready, then consider rescheduling, but don't put off the test without a firm commitment to make yourself ready. Good luck.
  4. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    what kaplan strategies exam are you talking about? what about ur q trainers?
  5. by   myitty
    hay.........that is the test in the book nclex RN sratergies for R. nurses with 180 Qs and a cd with the book with 180 QS
    q trainers i did and redoing again...........
  6. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    i see...let me know what scores u are getting and how u did in ur nclex exam, doing kaplan questions too, thanks and GOOD LUCK!