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  1. Suzanne, I was so happy to see this. I sent a post several weeks ago for some much needed advice. I just graduated PN school and had to take an exit exam called HESI before I could take boards. They gave us nothing to prepare for Hesi. Out of 11 only 4 made the 900 score. I am afraid Suzanne. I have to retake this test, make 900,and still have to sit for the boards. I just started working but,I am so backed up on bills so there is nothing else I can afford to buy right now. Would you please give me some words of wisdom and help. I want to be successful and I have worked so hard.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I moved your thread to the NCLEX Forum.

    The first tip that is posted is all that you need to pass the HESI exam, that is what all have used and passed it with.

    The first tip can be found in a sticky at the top of this forum.