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I am taking the NCLEX in MI next week. Do I pay for the quick results or just try the pearson trick? How long do I have to wait to do either?... Read More

  1. by   SCSTxRN
    The PVT thread also says - at the end - that the trick has been abolished by Pearson because they want people to pony up the dough. People got the good screen and failed, the bad screen and passed...

    Good luck.
  2. by   luckyluv05
    I am writing regarding the trick.....I am in Pa finished my exam a few hrs ago came home and checked....my results page says delivery successful and I am getting the "good" popupbox except it says open registration cannot register at this time.....what does this mean????
  3. by   SCSTxRN
    Luckyluv, it seems to mean you pass - the PVT has been working for everyone I graduated with.
  4. by   luckyluv05
    I just did it again and it is letting me get to the credit card page. now I am freaking out.....what is going on here??? help please!
  5. by   luckyluv05
    the beachone.....did you pass or fail when it said open registration?? that is what i got but it said delivery successful the whole time i was receiving that popop! please help
  6. by   luckyluv05
    you read somewhere that someone got to the cc screen and still passed? this is so insane i feel like i am going crazy! this is my third time taking this test, i consider it second bc i did not study at all the first time. i feel like my whole life is on hold. i did the trick about a half hr after i got home from the test and checked probably another 6 times after that the latest was about 2 1/2 hrs after my test. from the very first time it said delivery successful. i felt very positive after my test and especially after this trick. a few hrs after that and up until right now it takes me to the credit card screen. it also says that the pearson site is scheduled to be down from tomorrow night till sunday night. don't think i can take this agony much longer........
  7. by   O'SheaRN
    It all depends on your state's Bon. I live in PA and our results are listed within 24hr. However, I did the trick after the test and it worked.
  8. by   SCSTxRN
    Luckyluv, under the circumstances - I'd just wait and pay for the quick results when they pop up. Evidently, it's not working the way it did.
  9. by   LMS,RN
    I did the Pearson Trick about 30 minutes after I took the test. According to it, I had passed. I then chose to pay to get my quick results which also said I had passed. Everyone that I know who did the Pearson Trick AND passed NCLEX got the same results. Hasn't failed yet...

    Good luck!
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from LMS,RN
    I did the Pearson Trick about 30 minutes after I took the test. According to it, I had passed. I then chose to pay to get my quick results which also said I had passed. Everyone that I know who did the Pearson Trick AND passed NCLEX got the same results. Hasn't failed yet...

    Good luck!
    Quick results are unofficial results and official results will be issued by the BON. Congrats
  11. by   pyakRN
    doesn't always work. i took the test recently, did the trick and didn't get the pop up. needless to say i was devasted and couldn't sleep. I kept wondering what I did wrong. two days later, I actually went to face the FAIL that I thought I got but ended up seeing PASS. so unless you want to give yourself an anxiety attack when you don't see what you're expecting to see, don't do the trick. just save yourself from all the stress.
  12. by   soontograd
    I hope this post will help a few nervous soon to be nurses.

    My experience and findings on the pearson vue trick are as follows:

    I took the Nclex in Texas for the first time on Thursday morning 8:00AM and finished the test at roughly 10:00AM. The computer stopped at 77 questions. I got lots of SATA's, obscure drugs with unknown side effects, obscure diseases that I knew by name only, difficult therapeutic communication questions, and lots of priority questions that seemed extremely similar. I did not feel confident in a passing grade. But in my HESI experience, that feeling did not mean much. I usually aced every HESI with a 90-101%(1000-1150 or so) and only twice did I come anywhere near a low B (850). But my thoughts were the same as almost every post that I have seen on this board...(I either aced it or failed it miserably). Hesi and Nclex tests are tricky and results can fall either way easily in my opinion.

    So I did lots of searches on 77 Questions and obtaining quicker results...and what happens if the 48 hours falls on a Saturday with a holiday on Monday. Lots of unknown parameters..sigh.

    I did the pearson trick and got the following "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I spoke to a lady at a Pearonson vue testing facility and she recommended the pearson trick to me..lol.

    It is now 8:00AM on Saturday morning. I expect to see results at 10:00 AM which will be exactly 48 hours after finishing. The suspense is killing me....

    It is now 8:10AM (48 hours after my start time) and my results are available. I paid my money and the unofficial results are: Pass. Thank you Lord for all of Your Blessings. All Glory to HIM!!!

    I just celebrated briefly with my parents and praised HIM. But now I will finish this post

    So what the facts are indicating to me are as follows:

    The trick worked with my experience.
    The pearson vue computer system does know if you passed or failed immediately.
    The 48 hour waiting period is a cruel waiting period probably designed to give pearson vue time for corrections and technical problems if needed.
    There is not a person on the other end inputing a pass of fail status, but it is in fact automated so the 48 hours in business days does not apply unless errors are encountered.
    Holidays will not matter for the above reason as well.
    You can pass with 77 questions.
    Quick results are available 48 Hours from the start of your exam time.

    Hope this helps someone. God Bless!
  13. by   lisat380
    I was wondering how soon did you wait to do the the trick after you took your NCLEX? I hope im in the same boat with you cuz im tired of studying I did the trick midnight on Friday stopped @ 85 no math or alt Qs ...obviously i got the cc page(did it @ least 3xs) and im depress jus thinking bout it