Question about the NCLEX

  1. I'm not in nursing school yet and i'm just wondering when you take the NCLEX. Obviously after you're done with nursing school but can you take it right before you graduate? Or do u have to be a graduate before you can take it? I see some people take it a few weeks after they graduate but if u do that how can start working right away?? I'm confused
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  3. by   mom2rosebudbaby
    You fill out an application and send in the money to take the NCLEX approxiamately 2 months before graduation. Then when the semester is over and you pass and graduate the college sends paperwork to the state board of nursing. You then receive an authorization to test from the company giving the NCLEX test.
    You will have to take the test within the dates on the authorization to test. Which is a span of three months.

    Some states allow you to have a permit to work as a Graduate nurse. Some hospitals in states that don't allow you to work giving patient care as a Graduate nurse will let you start orientation but you are in a classroom not giving direct patient care until you pass the test.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   swtshyn20
    Ah okay. Thanks alot. Makes sense now!