Qbank Cumulative Score 61%

  1. hi all,

    i have been doing qbank, ive'done 554 questions at the moment and my cumulative score is 61%,so what does it mean by this is it ok? or not ok,could anyone feedback it for me.

    thank you very much

    best wishes
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  3. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i completed all the q bank and q trainor questions and my cumulative score was. 53% i passed boards w/ 75 questions first try. so you score is great compared to mine. good luck and keep plugging a way w/ the questions. i used 100% of all my questions and they were very helpful for boards. keep me posted
  4. by   matchbox2019
    hi kizzykatlove,

    thank you very much for taking time to respond.i was quite worried because my scores fluctuates it should go up by now,ive done QT 1-5 already my QT 5 was 53%. All I can do is continue on reviewing and doing questions.

    best wishes