PVT trick for NCLEX PN?

  1. I took the test on December 28,2017
    but still get nothing on breeze or the result.
    The questions shut off at 85. And I did PVT trick and got a "Good pop up" for all 8 days that I'm still waiting.
    Does the trick still work ? Anybody take the test at the end of December and still waiting for the result? I'm from CA.
    I'm so stressed...:-(
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  3. by   eloune
    Don't be stress I took mine on December 26th I had the good pop up and I passed, it's still working. Last time when I took I had the bad pop up I had fail. It' works.
  4. by   Skyler18
    Thank you for your reply. I will try not to think too much. Pray to God:-)
  5. by   Skyler18
    I passed!!! Just paid my initial license on 01/11☺️