priority patient

  1. which patient would i see first

    1. a patient with fixed dilated pupils who was in asystole


    2. a patient with 3rd degree burns with singed nasal hairs.
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  3. by   skyegirl
    Um, fixed and dilated is DEAD. Probably go with #2
  4. by   limerick1913
    Totally agree. #2 :spin: Singed nose hairs may indicate respiratory issues. You would look at that patient first ABCs Plus....the other person is dead. Nothing more you can do for them.
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  5. by   mandyjean
    I would pick #2 because #1 is gone. #2 I am worried about airway since burns cause swelling, i'm worried about his throat swelling causing ineffective breathing. ABC & W Airway,Breathing,Circulation,Warmth
  6. by   diana2520
    # 2 is still breathing, and need to be seen ASAP #2 is gone (dead)
  7. by   NewGoalRN
    #1 is a goner

    #2 still is alive and has a potential airway problem, see #2