Preparation for NCLEX exam

  1. hi suzanna iam new user i want study tips from u to write my nclkex rn on january iam doing cd saunders but iam not studing much the book in cd iam reading all rationals , but just i went through the theory part in book but its not helping me pl help me my date is nearing.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will need to complete the first tip that is posted exactly as it is written and then contact me....................but not sure if you will have enough time to do my is going to take you at least two months to complete the first tip as well as the six week program.
  4. by   anticoagulationurse
    I used the 2004-2005 Kaplan book (some local community colleges offer a Kaplan course for a couple hundred bucks). Has a CD for practice. I liked it because it teaches how to discect a question and eliminate answers to better your odds of chosing the correct answer.