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  1. iam a registered nurse in the philippines and was already made eligible to take the nclex. i scheduled my exam this march24 in a pearsonvue testing center in saipan because the testing center in hongkong is already saturated with test takers. however, there are some restrictions in entering saipan. what type of permit am i applying under Non-US Immigrant: Other Reasons? The permit from 706A-R does not seem to match my purpose. i am no longer a foreign student (706H). i am definitely not a long term tourist (706C). Is my application under the special industry permit (3 CMC 4331j)? What are the requirements FOR entry and requirements UPON entry? these questions seem to delay my authorization to board application. my travel agency doesnt seem to know the requirements for entry and now i am doomed! i heard that the division of immigration in saipan process applications slowly and i am afraid i may not be able to be granted an authorization to enter until my appointment date. i emailed the cnmi website but they dont seem to cooperate. please help me... i need answers from those nurses who took their nclex in saipan. i appreciate your reply the soonest.. thanks a lot!!!!!
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