Planning to take my NCLEX exam this February or March

  1. When is the best time to schedule my exam, do i have to schedule now or one month before my exam???
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  3. by   begosh
    Once you've paid $200 to PearsonVue and received your ATT, it is best you schedule as soon as you can because the slots get taken up quickly. You can always check PearsonVue to reschedule, as slots become available when someone cancels or reschedules.
  4. by   laniann05
    is it easy to reschedule? I have now my ATT and it will be due on april..I'm having my self review.. Is it in Pearsonvue website to do schedule? thanks...
  5. by   begosh
    NCLEX Testing with Pearson VUE Here's the website for PearsonVue. Yes, it's very easy to reschedule. Once you've paid $200 to PearsonVue, you can view what's available for various months, days within specific months and time for specific days.
  6. by   laniann05
    thank you so much...
  7. by   begosh
    Quote from laniann05
    thank you so much...
    You're most welcome! Good luck!