Pearson Vue trick June 2018

  1. Hey y'all! A Texan here. I took the exam this morning at 8am; went off at 75 questions. I felt terrible and was for sure I failed because I took a credit card that had zero money on it and enter day and got the bad pop up like five minutes after walking out of the exam. Five hours later I just entered my real credit card number that works knowing that I could've lost $200 and got the good pop-up is this a good sign; Now that it Is showing good pop up?

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
  4. by   Sarahbeara1789
    Does this mean I most likely passed?
  5. by   Inayah J
    I just finished mine. Shut off at 76, I'm freaking out. I got the "good popup" but I'm not sure if its valid.