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  1. So having taken my exam for the second time yesterday I was reading a lot about the PVT. I graduated 4/2017 and took my boards the first time 8/21/2017.. I had my daughter a week before I graduated and knew I had failed as soon as the test was over because I didn't really get to study like I needed to due to being a new mom, working nights. I got 222 questions and I decided to try the PVT. My card was declined when I tried to re-register and I wasn't surprised. Fast forward to 6/7/2018 I took my exam at 8am, the test kicked off at 86 questions then went to the research and survey sections. I felt a lot better this time around. I did the Pearson trick at about 5pm and then continuously throughout the the day and I kept getting the "good pop up" stating that I could not register for the exam. At about 6:40am today 6/8/2018. I got an email from the Ohio Board of Nursing with my license number !! I just wanted to tell my story and confirm that the trick worked for me!!
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    What did you do different this? What was your study materials?
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    Well my first time I used NCLEX mastery but I really didn't study that well. I also took Kaplan while in school and again I didn't study that well. This time I retook Kaplan and did mostly all of their questions as well as doing the NCLEX mastery app and purchasing their simulation exams. I Also got the mark klimek lectures from a friend and listened to all of those. I periodically studied for a couple months and then 3 weeks before my exam I really knuckled down and started doing 100's of questions a day