Passed RN NCLEX with 265 4th time

  1. Hi all, not sure if anyone would read this but if you do, know that you can pass NCLEX! It is a tough challenging experience but never give up. I graduated 1/27/18, attempted RN NCLEX several times but failed. 1st, 2nd 3rd time used UWORLD...still failed. I was devasted..depressed..didn't want to talk to anyone, I was just in a bad bad situation. Anyone who has taken NCLEX before knows. I told myself the 4th time would be the last time I would test. I prayed day and night and asked God to have mercy on me. I didn't want to spend extra money on other nclex sites/materials so i went back to uworld again since I had it until June, went over 1500 questions, did the 35 page nclex study guide and went over videos from summit college. I realized what alot of people didn't know includig myself. The 35 page has videos that goes with and was created by summit college, the packet is called spiderman packet tho it doesn't say on it. The lady is very thorough, explains every single system and I learned a lot from her. The videos are long.. I mean long...From day 1 to 7. each day consists of 3 videos each 1 hr and some few minutes. So would take me about 3 days to finish one day of the videos. I also was working full time as an LPN and sometimes I wouldn't get time to do all the videos. What did I do differently the 4th time? I did questions little by little. For explain I did between 30-50 questions per day, 30 when I worked and 50 when off. Even sometimes 50 seemed a lot, I would cut to 30 again. Before the 4th attempt I did what most people do and went for up to 100 questions a day. That didn't work for me. I'm writing this to encourage someone and tell you to put your trust in the Lord, get on your knees and ask him to help you. I came to learn why God let me fail all the 3 times I attempted to test. Had I passed, I would've given uworld and myself the credit, but that's not how it can study as much as u want, know as many things, but if God is not with you-you definitely would not pass. I give all the praise to the almighty for giving me a chance to be an RN! I hope this post would help someone somewhere. BTW 1st and 2nd attempt I got 75 questions, 3rd I was almost there I had 242 and close to passing on all except infection control. 4th attempt I had the maximum ? 265, and took the entire 6 hrs to test. Knowing your content is very important, infection control, and who to see 1st or call. first.
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    Congratulations !!! may i ask one question pls ? After your 2 , 3 test did you got the same nclex question ? sorry for stupid question ! i'm just curious .
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    Quote from Jenista
    Congratulations !!! may i ask one question pls ? After your 2 , 3 test did you got the same nclex question ? sorry for stupid question ! i'm just curious .
    Questions are supposed to rotate every 45 days hence reason you have to wait before resin exam on
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    Questions always change, no matter how many times you take them @Jenista
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    Thank you so much for information !
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    Thank you for information !!
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    Congrats! I passed my RN exam too on the 4th try. Not with 265 questions, but I have had that many : / Good luck in your career
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    Thank you, all the best to you as well. It's a relief!
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    You're welcomed. Have you tested?
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    i have the same situation going for the 4 Th try your experience is encouraging
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    Hi DreamJ,
    You can do it. Don't be discouraged.
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    Congratulations!! You are a true motivation for me, I'm a repeat test taker who is very frustrated and confused at this time. Is there anyway you can please help me with the video too. I have the 35 pages and have studied a lot but can't pass my NCLEX Rn 😢😢please help me