Passed on Second Try - 230Q

  1. Just wanted to touch bases with my people after passing my NCLEX on my second try. I have been a peeping Tom on this website for a while so now I am making my contribution.

    Some notes first:

    California Test Taker

    Failed 09/01/2017 - 265Q, 45 SATA, 10 MATH, 10 EXHIBITS

    Passed 11/25/2017 - 230Q, 30 SATA, 2 MATH, 10 EXHIBITS

    Pearson Vue (PVT) was accurate BOTH times. Used UWORLD but thought id pass the first time around with a high chance of passing on my competency exam. Second time used the Kaplan question bank and did fairly well there(60%) so thought id give it another go.

    Walked out of the exam devastated and started studying again that same night!Honest truth is I had a ton of questions with medications I had never even heard of. I started to re-enroll in the test and wasnt even considering I passed but I couldnt on Pearson Vue so I unintentionally realized I passed and today(11/28/2017) confirms it.
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  3. by   sogirl
    so happy for you!!!
  4. by   cherrydguzman
    did you receive your letter already?? I took my
    test november 9 2017 at 8am in cali. This time i dont want to try PVT its my 3rd week no letter yet makes me
    so worried
  5. by   oball23
    Sorry but you probably failed...just start studying again and keep working at it. Happened to me before.