passed nclex test but have a red flag

  1. i found out i passed but have a red flag.well 12 years ago i got a felony,well in 2002 all charges were dismissed and i was granted an enspongement.what can i do?who do i fax my minutes from court to? i never heard from state i had to call to get results(mix up in mailing address on there part)any suggestions?i worked so hard and now my past is haunting me.
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  3. by   Melina
    You need to contact your state BON. Only they can advise you how to proceed. Good luck.

  4. by   CHATSDALE
    follow up fax to bon with paper copies via registered mail
  5. by   onesunniegal
    Yeah, I am with the others. Contacting your BON is the best bet. Remember they want more nurses, they should give you at least a clue as to what you need to do next.

    Good luck.