Passed NCLEX in 75 question

  1. I wanted to come on here and post about my NCLEX experience because I know I did a ton of late night googling prior to taking it.
    My school utilized ATI (ugh) and I got all level 2 and 3s. My comprehensive predictor (final exam) I got a raw score of 88% which placed me in the 99th percentile to pass NCLEX on my first attempt. My school also paid for us to have the 3 day live Hurst review. Personally I did like the live part of the review but didn’t not feel the questions were ANYTHING like NCLEX. I stopped using it for review.
    About 4 months before my last day of class, I started doing NCLEX style practice questions. About 50-150 per day. I created a spreadsheet and kept track. I utilized ATI, NCLEX Mastery, NCSBN, and UWORLD. (There were others but these were the main ones that were super helpful. I ended up doing about 10,000 practice questions prior to NCLEX.
    I had the minimum amount of questions - 75 and I *knew*!I passed. I did have more than HALF select all that apply questions.
    Uworld looks EXACTLY like the NCLEX. And it was a great resource with great rationales. I did not stress because I felt the questions were familiar somehow.
    Our teachers always tell us to do practice questions from the beginning and we roll our eyes but they are telling us the truth. I would recommend doing as many practice questions as you can!!!!! Read the rationales even if you get it right ! The NCLEX just wants to make sure you are MINIMALLY competent. Not an expert !
    I did questions everyday - maybe only missing a few days for holidays or special occasions. But even then I tried to do at least 10!
    Practice is the key!!!
    Promise !
    Good luck !
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    Congrats on a job well done.