Passed nclex feb 2018 uworld/pearson trick

  1. I took my nclex on 2/12 and did the Pearson Vue trick right after. I recieved the "good" pop up right away! Today I accessed my quick results and passed on my 1st try with 75 questions! I used Uworld and a bit of Saunders. I was right on the 48th average percentile on UWorld, getting sometimes 30s on quizzes! But I studied the rationales and managed to pass NCLEX. Don't get discouraged if your uworld quizzes are way under average. Also when I did the 2 assessments, the 1st one said I was very likely to pass but the 2nd one said borderline which really discouraged me. Yet I managed to pass with 75 questions on my 1st try. Just focus on the rationales and make sure you're learning. Although NCLEX and UWorld are very different, it somehow helped me it seems to pass. I only did about 50 questions a day and sometimes went days without studying. I did finish all the questions on the UWorld.
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