Passed my NCLEX-PN 85 Questions, 1st Time May 2017, UWorld

  1. Well I wanted to post because before I took my NCLEX the posts and comments on this site helped me, so I want to pay my experience and what I did to pass forward.
    I graduated April 3rd, 2017. I took 3 weeks off no studying. I mailed my application to the BON on April 5th. On April 26th, I got my ATT letter that I could sit for my boards, that day without telling a soul I scheduled a test date for May 17th. On April 28th, I purchased UWorld App and started to study from the Uworld question bank. I did on average 75 -150 questions a day. I started to take notes but was taking to long and I suffer from an old finger injury so I stopped taking notes after day 2. I did my questions and read every single rationale, so I could understand why answers were right and wrong. I did this every day off and on each day. My plan was to do 100 questions a day, finish all of the approx 1138 questions and go back and redo all the questions I answered incorrectly, then take the 85 question test that would test my readiness. Well as we all know, nothing in life is perfect and nothing always goes as planned. On May 8th I found out that one of my classmates and the first to test in my graduating class passed the NCLEX/PN with 105 questions. He was always a good test taker in class and smart. So I wasn't surprised. But that day I was talking to my boyfriend and since I suffer from SEVERE test anxiety said to him I should try to reschedule my appt before May 17th. I figured maybe a couple of days before, well there was an opening the very next day, May 9th at 1:30, he convinced me to take the test the very next day instead of May 17th. He encouraged me to take it before I could give myself enough time to build anxiety, stress, lose sleep, stop eating, ect. and turn into an emotional train wreck. But now I got worried, I did not feel I had enough time to study, I only finished 922 questions on UWorld, only studied for 11 days (minus 1 day because I broke my toe and lost a day) so 10 days total and I would be taking my test in less than 24 hours. I started to panic as at this point I couldn't change my appt. So I decided that evening to take my UWorld predictor assessment test I scored 52% and indicated I had a High chance of passing the NCLEX so this gave me a little hope and confidence. In case your wondering, my qbank scores for the 922 questions I answered was a 46% and in the 29th Percentile doesn't sound good, I know. That evening I didn't study anymore just did the assessment, watched a movie, went to bed. Test day: I arrived 1 hour before, checked in ect. And started my test @12:40. Two-hours into my exam I was on question 79 when the screen shut off, to ask me if I wanted a break, I declined due to the length of time it would waste with a newly broken toe to walk to the restroom and back because it wasn't my goal was to get past 85 questions because then in my mind I knew I was still hanging in there, (in my mind, I was thinking if my smarter, faster, better testing classmate did it to 105 questions, then I would be past that # of test questions).
    I got to my 85th question, clicked next and it shut off..... I was like Nooooooooooo! I failed. No way in hell, I passed with the minimum amount of 85 questions. I finished @ 2:50 p.m. I got in my car and started to cry. I tried the PearsonVue Trick right away on my phone in the parking lot and I got a message that said "The candidate currently has an open registration....." The test was harder to me than my UWorld questions. So I knew I failed. I felt like I guessed many questions, but always got it down to two. When I got home at 4 pm, I tried the PV trick, over and over, every 30 min and nothing. I was scared and a mess. At 8 p.m. I got an email from Pearson that said congrats on completing your exam, we are sure you have questions, please visit our website for frequently asked questions, so I decided to try the PV trick again, yes, I entered my c.c info each time. But now I got a different pop up "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam" and this was the "good pop up" that everyone says means you passed. However, there are many mixed reviews on that and I really didn't go with that. Still a mess I went to bed, got up at 3 a.m. I tried the PV trick again; same pop up still, and I went on the FL BON website and it still said results pending. At 6 a.m. nothing new on PV site or BON site, tried again at 8:05 a.m. and on the BON website, beside my name said PASSED!!! I am officially an LPN, I was in shock!! Not only did I pass, I passed at 85 Questions!!!
    I tried NCLEX Mastery app and UWorld and by far loved UWorld the best!! It looks just like the NCLEX, so it gets you familar with what the actual test will look like. It also had better rationales. It's pricer but so worth the money. My advice is do UWorld and read all the Rationales, even the ones you get correct. I will only do UWorld when I have to study for RN next year.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of you, I hope my experience helps you!

    You will never ever feel ready 100% ready.

    New LPN
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  3. by   CNAbutLPN2be2017
    You sound like me exactly! I too am in Florida and I too rescheduled my test to a sooner date( by 3 days) anyways I also got 85 questions and I first I freaked out because I went into the testing site expecting to get at least half of the 205. I went to my car did the trick, got the good pop up, and was a nervous wreck for two days. I started to get nervous but I kept telling myself that there is no way i bombed this test because failing at 85 would pretty much mean I didn't know anything. Anyways, I passed, you passed, and we are now new nurses!!!!
  4. by   RBFNurse2b
    Omg congrats!!! You guys are giving me so much hope...I'm currently in the same predicament. Scheduled my exam out on a whim, haven't told a single soul. Devised to do 100 Q a day from UWorld until my test date. I've been studying sporadically since I graduated late June, and my school offered a live review for 3 days mid July. Got my ATT a few days ago and scheduled the soonest (reasonably possible) test date. I've got exactly 2 weeks. Feeling like YOLOing it, it was either 2 weeks from now or Sept 30 (way too long in my opinion) please pray for me and wish me luck! Hope everything works out.
  5. by   DeeMcgraw88
    This gives me so much hope!! I have been so stressed out cause I didn't like my Saunders books or programs. My friend just told me about the Uworld so I just started that but I don't feel ready. My nerves are shot. But I'm hoping if I keep studying uworld I will feel better about it all. Please say a prayer everyone! Lol
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    please can i have your email address to ask questions. Mine is
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    NCLEX mastery app was helpful for me too. I used that and saunders nclex-pn 6th edition book to study and eventually pass my nclex-pn on 1st try(Sep 2017) with 85 questions
  8. by   Lesliearellano
    I usually never take my time to post anything but I promised that if I passed my nclex lvn/pn I would post. I started studying for nclex 3 months before my test after being out of school for over 3 years. This was my first attempt at nclex and I PASSED January 2018!! all I studied was uworld, YouTube summit college comprehensive reviews, and occasionally I would google. I prayed every day to st. Joseph of Cupertino
    "o great st Joseph of Cupertino who while on earth obtained the grace from God to be asked at your examination only the questions you knew, obtain for me a like favor for the examination which I am now preparing. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked through Christ our lord st. Joseph of Cupertino pray for us. O' st Joseph of Cupertino pray for me, o holy ghost enlighten me, our lady of good studies pray for me, o sacred heart of Jesus seat of divine wisdom enlighten me".
    I had all 205 questions and finished in 4 hours. About half of my questions were sata, only 2 calculation.... on all of my nclex I was reading and eliminating to choose the correct answer I wasn't 100% sure on any that I was choosing the correct answer, after my test I was hoping I passed but I was preparing to see fail, it's a hard test I did all of uworld qbank I started with 40 questions a day and reviewed all rationales, I would write all rationals down at first but a little before halfway through qbank I figured that it is taking too long so I just focused on reading and trying to fully understand rationals. started at 40% with adult Heath which is the hardest in my opinion when I ended the qbank I was at 51% overall and 70th percentile in passing. I reviewed flash cards the day before the test, had a good sleep and I found out I passed first through Pearsonvue trick right after my test while in my car in the parking lot and then 2 days after though quick results thank God I'm finally a nurse and thank st Joseph of Cupertino who praying to him would help me calm down my anxieties and help me believe that God would make everything fine for me as long as I have faith and give studying my all.
  9. by   Beauty12
    I used Uworld for about 6 weeks and got through all 2020 questions (the system sometimes plays with new questions to collect data so the total number of questions it offers fluctuates).
    I was averaging about a 57% on my practice tests. Some tests I would score a 60% and others a 45% (very few). I love Uworld! It gives you in-depth rationales on everything including the wrong answers which all helped me learn more. The first week I used Uworld and my nursing books to make some flash cards about things I didn't feel 100% confident on (which felt like everything).
    After that I solely used Uworld and my flash cards.
    Cut to nclex day (1/24/18), I did not feel prepared enough and questioned of I should just reschedule the test at a later date to study more but all my nursing friends said just take it you'll never feel ready. As far as the way nclex looks, it looks just like Uworld which was nice as it felt like I was just taking another practice test(as much as it could feel that way considering i felt as if I was perfusely sweating the entire time). NCLEX for me was rough!! Not that the material was rough but I felt I didn't study any of what it was asking of me, it felt very basic and all of the answer choices for the most part seemed correct (I should add I have extreme test anxiety). When I got to question 40 I was a complete wreck, I sat back on my chair and said to myself I shouldn't read the questions anymore, I should just choose whichever answer to get this over with because I have failed miserably. A few minutes later I decided to keep trying. My computer shut off at 75 and I knew I failed. The material was too basic and I was completely stumped by it for some odd reason and considering it's a progressive test i clearly had not progressed. On top of that I only got about 6-8 SATA and everyone said the more you get the better you're doing (Uworld has a TON of SATA questions, another bonus of the system).
    Needless to say I felt horrible when i left the testing center and was extremely emotional the next couple of days. Thursday night i couldn't sleep as i knew my results would be ready Friday at some point, I layed in bed trying to sleep but it never worked. Also need to add I did to the pearsonvue trick of attempting to pay for your test again and if it doesn't take your card payment and states you are already scheduled for the test, that indicates you passed, however that apparently isn't always true as I read somewhere on this site someone received that message, thought they passed r/t computer shutting off at 75 and they actually failed.
    it is now Friday 1/26/18 6AM (still awake) and I log onto pearsonvue, go to the quick results tab and it states my results are available and give me the option to process a payment to get them. I furiously enter my card info, hit submit and place my hand over my computer screen because i wasn't ready to see that I failed. At this point I'm sweating, hyperventilating and getting ready to see that I failed and tell myself it's going to be ok, because truly it is going to be ok, you just study a little more and retake it when you can.
    i finally move my hand away from my screen and it says PASS!!!!! I was 99% sure I had failed NCLEX so you should already know i woke up everyone in the house! I know this is a long review but I read soooo many reviews as I studied for nclex and even though i was still stressed beyond repair, these reviews helped me a lot and I just felt I needed to leave a comment as it could help someone.
    I truly feel that Uworld helped me tremendously! Study your butt off and retain as much as you can, if you feel you're weak in an area then go a little harder in that field. And if you fail it is not the end of the world. I failed pharm the first round in nursing school and contemplated giving up but i am so glad I kept going. Never in a million years would i think i would pass nclex with only 75 questions in 1hr and 10 minutes but it happened and I could not be happier.
    Also, go with what you know, don't change your answer (I'm notorious for that but didn't for nclex) unless you have significant knowledge to do so, and believe in yourself. You got this future RN!!! The world is right at your finger tips don't slow down now and don't beat yourself up if you have to retake it. Some days are just bad test days.