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  1. by   free_bird
    I am really sory for your results. I know how it feels. I had to take the exam the second time also. Fortunately, I passed the second time. My advice to you is: do not get discouraged and do not give up. I graduated from nursing school 8 years ago back in my country in Europe and I did was not in touch with nursing since. If I was able to pass this exam you are too. I will tell you what helped me a lot. Somebody I know lended me the "Feuer Nursing Review" CD's. Boy, I love this course. I listened to it like 4 times. It very informative and it's not boring. Along this review I did the Kaplan Question Trainer, just to see where I stand. Well, it all worked out for me. I am praying that it will for you too. Good luck and God Bless.