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  1. For those studying or already passed nclex/cgfns..

    How do you memorize all the foods or type of diet needed for a certain disease or the variety of foods that belong to a particular vitamin/mineral, these foods seem to mess up in my head, its quite confusing.

    Any tips will be highly appreciated, thanks!:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   RNismycalling
    Tough question...I don't think there is a special way or magic way to remember which food is associated with which condition...My take on it is to have a good understanding of the condition. For example, dumping syndrome deal with the quick passage of food in the GI track. Okay, knowing that, you tell yourself that you would not give patient anything that can be digested rapidly. Therefore that's why you'll give high fat (because digestion of fat is slower). Make sense? Probably not! that's why you just have to know it just as you would memorize your lab values...
  4. by   dom09
    You're right. Makes sense to me now. Just plainly memorizing everything wont do me good. Thanks for your tip.

    God bless!