need I say more?

  1. I passed. Yay. Such an awesome feeling....I am so thrilled. I needed this, really, really I did. I lost my baby son Logan to SIDS last September, and for the very first time today, I felt a little bitty glimmer of hope that I will feel somewhat whole again......I can actually make a difference to other families that may be going through the same thing as I am......

    Thanks everyone
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  3. by   ArielleLVN
  4. by   medchick
    Awesome on passing...Congrats to you.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Congrats on passing and sincere condolences on the loss of your precious child.
  6. by   EzBSN
    wishing you continued success as an rn!!
  7. by   alemap_aspom
  8. by   Tweety

    My condolences.
  9. by   twotfruity98
    congratulations sorry for your lost
  10. by   mauloa
    That's great! Congratulations to you. Sorry to hear about your son. God Bless.
  11. by   chris2227
    Congrats and sorry for your lost....
  12. by   sunnyface

    I just passed too