NCLEX today

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been lurking and reading all of your NCLEX stories. They have really helped me, thanks!
    I took the NCLEX today. I had 75 questions. Many priority questions (over 14), 5-6 choose all that apply, and I feel like I had a zillion questions with meds I didn't know (reality, probably 5-7). I just can't gauge how I did! I am so nervous, I just hope I passed! And I don't even know what day I will get my quick reslts since I took it over the weekend! The wait is terrible and it has only been 2 hours!
    Good luck to all who are going to take the test and congrats to those who passed!
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  3. by   zebkaiku
    Good job =) im sure you did GGRRRRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT! =)
  4. by   mom2michael
    Quick results are posted 48 hours later, regardless of the day you took the test.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - but it sounds like you did great!!!!
  5. by   augirl380
    I took my NCLEX today and the same thing happened to me. It cut off at 75, it seems like I had a million med questions and I didn't know any of them, and a lot of priority quesitons. I have almost made my self sick worrying! Do you know if you passed yet?