Nclex tips/advice needed for a foreign nurse

  1. i have an eligibility to take my nclex exam but i have a hard time to choose the right or enough materials that would help me in nclex exam preparation. since i did not go to us rn school, i need to find out what nclex books or cds are the best that can help me to catch up with everything that is needed for nclex. i am fluent in english, so the language differencs crates not problem for me, just the differences between us and foreign school curriculums.

    someone told me that if i memorize the whole book of sourders comprehensive review i would be pass. and also if i get feuer audio cds, it will be totally enough.
    i am wondering how much help you can get by kaplan program? will it make a huge difference is i buy it?

    thanks so much for your help.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I was an International trained nurse and just before I sat for the third and final time I used Saunders and NCSBN and found them to be the most beneficial