NCLEX subject in my program

  1. im a 4th year BSN student and i have this NCLEX subject in my program. we do it every week and we do reviews through online and lecturers. I have 2 NCLEX subjects now that i am on my 4th year and i am taking up NCLEX 1 for this semester and the NCLEX 2 next semester. i think this is a very good start for me to prepare myself for the real NCLEX exam.

    do you have the NCLEX subject too? :spin:
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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I don't know about 'nclex' subjects in school, but I would highly advise tooling around the ncsbn website and read a few of the detailed articles they have about HOW the nclex works.

    I'd also check out:

    Rasch model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The NCLEX exam is a form of modified rasch model.

    Computer-adaptive testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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