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  1. Just wanted to say if your looking for a great review for Nclex use Uworld! I can't say enough about it!
    I was not an A student by any means! Prepping for Nclex was just a review! I purchased the 60 day Uworld with 1 assessment. I did 50 - 75 questions a day (sometimes more), 7 days before Nclex i did my assessment so that i could see where i needed to brush up on certain topics. I got in the 90th percentile with a very high chance at passing. My averages on my questions was anywhere from 52nd to 72nd percentile. I completed the test bank to make sure i reviewed every topic! I passed on my first try with 86 questions!!
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    Congrats I am writing on Saturday and am using uworld as well I hope it goes well I am super nervous!!!!