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  1. Hello eveyone! This summer will be my last semester in nursing school. I will take the NCLEX in early August. I would like to go ahead and begin studying for it. Does anyone have suggestions about which study guides are the best? I don't have any idea about which one to start with. Thanks for the help!
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    I just took my NCLEX today so I'm not sure how well this worked because I don't know if I passed, but because I had 75 q's and lots of select all that apply(so I'm hoping this is a good sign due to difficulty level of those). Anyways what I reccomend is going to the bookstore and sitting down with a cup of coffee for a few hours and going over practice questions from a variety of books. (THis way you save money too!). I went to the bookstore about 3-4 hours a day the 3 weeks before the exam and went through the practice tests in a variety of books. I uses Mosby,Kaplan, Sylvestri (good for analysis), etc. I felt that this studying did more for me than the kaplan course I paid big bucks for! I was also fortunate to see questions that were very similar to those I had studied in the books. good luck