NCLEX SHUT DOWN should I be :) or :(

  1. Hey Guys
    I just took my NCLEX yesterday at 9am shut off at 75 and I am totaly going nuts. Does anyone have some reliable # on pasing at 75?....
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  3. by   allboymd
    I also took the nclex yesterday and it shut off at 75. I am going nuts waiting. I will be able to get my results tomorrow. Most people say if you get 75 questions your good. I hope so, good luck.

  4. by   nadu13
    Good luck to the both of you!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   lluvsd2
    Best of luck to the both of you =)
  6. by   lluvsd2
    Oh yah.. and my friends and I who got 75 questions about 5 of us, all passed rumor has it that if you get 75 you have a greater chance of passing.
  7. by   patsyNJ2006
    I passed with 75 on tuesday, and almost everyone I know passed with a 75. except one person......that knowledge of her not passing kept the fear in me that I might not have made it too! But that's only one single person that I have ever heard of ...