Nclex-rn Hypothyroidism

  1. Hi guys. Does hypothyroidism manifest hypertension or hypotension?
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  3. by   chicagoboy
    I believe it started as LOW but when you are on thyroid meds like Synthroid, the kidneys may fail filtering toxic products because of low blood pressure. This can create a high blood pressure with time.

    Let's see what others had to say.
  4. by   mariebailey
    According to Medscape, hypothyroidism is associated with decreased systolic blood pressure & increased diastolic pressure Medscape: Medscape Access
  5. by   begosh
    According to MaryAnn Hogan's NCLEX RN Review, it's HYPOtension for hypothyroidism.
  6. by   tigerlily777
    Thanks for the response everyone! I'll stick with hypotension.
  7. by   rizmei
    it's hypotension