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  1. Planning to take the NCLEX after a six year hiatus. I was wondering for the recent NCLEX takers, any recommendation on what books to buy? I have some but are dated back in 2000? I am sure some materials have changed. I also have practice questions on CD but they are not under the new testing questions format.

    Has anyone used the 2006 - NCLEX-RN Review (Core Review Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN) (Paperback)
    by Margaret Dahlhauser ...IF so, can you please tell me how it is. Any feedback will be helpful, thank you in advance.
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  3. by   onduty23
    ssaunders 3rd edition + this site ncsbn is folks who make nclex they have a review course
  4. by   callmeb
    thank you for that site, it really seems helpful. I will check it out further.
  5. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    i reallly like saunders nclex review, their disc that comes with the book is really helpful, the rationale given for the answer was extremely thourough and it also tells you that if you didnt get the qustion right where to go look in the book to review the material again.