NCLEX-PN vs NCLEX-RN. Which was harder?

  1. For those that have taken both the PN and RN exams, would you mind shedding light on which you felt was more difficult, and why?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   malenurse702
    LPN is easier but content wise its about the same. Delegation/Management those types of questions are different and there arn't many on LPN test, but the RN test is almost all Priority / Delegation / What do you do wen....LPN was a lot of disease and few medicationlil to no delegation
  4. by   GigaRN1011
    nclex-pn i will not say easier bec. i took it it was hard it has also priority questions i got 15 medication 1 sata on medication.....25SATA , 1 hot spot , 1 drag and drop ....i gues the only difference is in management delegation, priority on staff members, and teaching and assessing pt. .....thats what i think ....i also took rn-nclex too