nclex pn...pls. advice!

  1. i'm 5 days away from my nclex pn test...i'm doing my final review (i've done
    lipincott, incredibly easy,delmars) using saunders Q&A...i'm scoring between
    65-75 on the practice tests is that enough for me to pass? pls. help..advice...
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  3. by   lcbradley
    Do lots of questions so that you will be familiar with the format of NCLEX. Read the rationales carefully. I took PN on 8/9 and I did approximately 2000 questions and studied Saunders Comprehensive especially fluid and electrolytes and acid-base balance. I think you will be fine if you've been doing questions everyday.
  4. by   luv2shop19mall
    I Hate Answering Questions On The Computer.. It Gives Me A Headache But I Can Go Online Shopping The Whole Day. Hahaha.. Well Good Luck To All Of You.. I Am Taking My Exam More Than 3xs. Already Please Keep Me In Your Prayers.