NCLEX on Monday - Please wish me the best; Not feeling confident - page 2

I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX on Monday, March 4th. I studied Saunders for content (for the past two months). I just got done reviewing the whole book. I also signed up for NCSBN 3 week review... Read More

  1. by   AlainRN
    Dont stress yourself out. Just relax today and do something you love. You are gonna be fine.
    Good Luck Tomorrow!
    God Bless
  2. by   californiaboy
    Goodluck guys! I wish you all the best for tomorrow's exam! You can do it!
  3. by   Brunoverse
    I know what you are feeling, I'm taking the NCLEX on Tuesday and I feel the same way. Good luck!
  4. by   BolBol
    I'm feeling so nervous. I pray to God that I pass.
  5. by   Brunoverse
    Well we have two choices, take it or postpone it. I'm thinking that we would probably feel just like we do now if we postponed it. So, we might as well take it. Good luck! I'm getting all religious now so I will pray you pass!