NCLEX mastery & Kaplan vs NCLEX

  1. I took the readiness exam from kaplan twice, and scared a 58 each time, and am almost done with all the questions on my nclex mastery app, right now at a 63%. Im also reading the ATI book. My question is that most people say that these are good scores, but I do not feel as if they are. I dont know if it is just self doubt, but i feel as if im getting these scores by chance, even though i am studying so much. Does anyone have an experience with these study materials? If you dont mind, could you share your experiences?

    Also many people state that the NCLEX is easier than these apps, why do you feel that way? If the select all that apply questions are higher level questions, but you stay at the medium - medium/high level questions, does this mean that you are passing?
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