NCLEX less than one month after graduating!

  1. Hello everyone!
    I graduated from an accelerated nursing program on May 16 and am scheduled to take the NCLEX on June 12... I will then start working on July 7th! Ahh! I am terrified and am not sure if this is even enough time to take the test, but at this point it's my only option!

    I'm using Saunders & Kaplan to review for these last six days. Anyone else take their test so close to their graduation date?
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  3. by   blackvans1234
    I graduated about may 10th and am taking the nclex june 17th
  4. by   Mindylane
    Cool! Have you heard how long it generally takes to get your results? I have to have my license by my first day of work (July 7). I'm pretty nervous about the time constraints... ahh!
  5. by   DemonWings
    I took mine three weeks after graduation, just used the ATI material we purchased first semester and the tips here on AN, passed first time. Information was still very fresh in my mind and I think that was beneficial good luck
  6. by   emergency_love
    I graduated on May 15, and took my NCLEX yesterday June 5th. I start as a new grad on June 16th. I got out at 75 questions and have the "good" pop up for PVT. I think you'll be fine!

    It really depends on the state you are in as far as how long it will take to be officially licensed after NCLEX. Here in NC my co-graduates that passed have been listed within 2 days after passing!
  7. by   Mindylane
    Congrats to you guys. Good to know you both passed so soon after graduating
  8. by   NAA MOMO
    I graduated May 10th, I originally scheduled for June 25th, but rescheduled for June 6th on June 2nd, so I had Monday to Thursday to review. I got a good pop up!!!
  9. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    I graduated from UTA on May 10th and tested on May 30th. Passed after 75 questions. Took a Hurst live review a week before and I can tell you that it's definitely possible to test shortly after graduating.