1. elow evryone. juz wanna know the requirements in taking the NCLEX... i'm confious because i heard that you can have the nlcex exam, pass and work abroad eventhough u haven's passed the local board exam yet.... by the way, were still waiting for the result of DEcember 2-3,2006 board exam. please do include us in your prayers, thanks and Godbless
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please take the time to do some reading on the International Forum, there is much information there for you.

    And it is true, you do not need to take the NLE to work abroad, we actually advise that you do not take it, it you were aware fo what went on with the last exam.
  4. by   emz07
    wow... tnx for all the replies, it did helped me i my decisions and in some ways it also cleared my worries.. tnx again.. Godbless